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With more than 40 years of combined imaging experience, the merger brought together pioneers of digital imaging technology with the industry’s most technically advanced OEM supplier of systems and subsystems to some the world’s best-known medical technology companies.

Arcoma provides complete DR systems and subsystems under the Arcoma brand to its OEM partners and through Value Added Resellers for use in hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and private practices of all sizes. Arcoma serves imaging customers throughout Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.



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How we helped...

LondonRoyal Hospital-overview

The Royal London Hospital treats over 1,400 injury patients annually, more than any other center in the UK.

The Royal London Hospital is unique in its provision of emergency care with a resident Accident & Emergency Department consultant available 24/7/365.

The Royal London Hospital is known for its world-class trauma care.

In this resuscitation center there is a need for capacity to handle large numbers of trauma patients with limited floor space available and immediate access to x-ray equipment.

LondonRoyal Hospital-Ceiling mounted

A ceiling mounted Arcoma Precision OTC that can be easily moved between the beds without taking up floor space. This resulted in a unique system solution that has proved to be world class.

Solution quickly implemented using battle proven products

  • Reliable 24/7 operation
  • Easy, efficient & intuitive use
  • Integrated imaging handling

Rigshospitalet is a highly specialized hospital which, with a few exceptions, covers all medical specialist areas.

Rigshospitalet has more than 100 highly specialized departments and functions, combined with research and training/education. The vision is to be Denmark’s international hospital, and to be among the ten best research hospitals in Europe.

The Challenge was to have the trauma clinic equipped with world leading equipment to support the hospital vision.

Rigshospitalet_ceiling mounted OTCThe Arcoma Precision Trauma solution with auto positioningand auto tracking provides with a high-throughput – a high precision trauma care solution.

The trauma installation supports the team with

  • Non-stop operation
  • Efficient and high quality exams
  • Smooth integration

Musgrove Park-Multibed coverageMusgrove Park Hospital is part of Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust. It is a district general hospital, providing care to a population of over 340,000 with over 700 beds, 30 wards, 15 operating theatres and a fully equipped diagnostic imaging department.

Every year we see:

  • over 41,000 patients admitted as emergencies
  • nearly 9,000 patients admitted for elective surgery
  • nearly 34,000 day case surgery patients
  • around 56,000 patients who attend our emergency department with around 235,000 diagnostic imaging examinations.

The Challenge was to have the Resus clinic equipped with world leading equipment to support the hospital requirements for throughput and imaging quality.

Musgrove Park-ceiling mounted OTCThe Arcoma Precision Resus solution with ceiling mounting and auto positioning provides with a high-throughput – & low foot print solution.

Bespoke X-ray project to form a new wireless direct digital resuscitation X-ray facility

  • Non-stop operation
  • Efficient and high quality exams
  • Smooth integration with imaging systems
  • Wireless imaging transfer