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Precision represents the optimum combination of our 4th generation auto-positioning technology with ergonomic design.

The result is an advanced digital radiographic system that creates an efficient workflow and maximizes patient throughput.

Featuring advanced applications like auto-stitching and tomography, Precision is the optimal solution to all your imaging needs.

  • Motorized vertical column: Up to 1750 mm (69”) vertical travel
  • Fully motorized auto positioning Servo tracking
  • Wall stand and Table
  • OPTION:  Handle frame with brake release button

X-Ray Tube & Collimator

  • Automatic collimator
  • Laser line field alignment
  • OPTION: DAP Meter


X-Ray Generator

  • High frequency generator
  • Motorized and manual vertical Column
  • Prepared for automatic stitching
  • Detector holder with removable grid
  • OPTION: Wall Stand Tilt
  • Patient load: 300 kg (661 lbs)
  • Motorized vertical travel: 555-930 mm (22” – 36”)
  • Table side movement control
  • Stitching functionality

Vertical Wall Stand

  • Lateral armrest
  • Foot control


Elevating 6-Way Table

  • Foot control (Up, down and table top release)
  • Lateral detector holder
  • Compression belt
  • Patient handgrip
  • Foam pads
  • Tabletop mattress