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The Intuition DR System is a unique combination of proven technology and Scandinavian design creating an elite, yet cost-effective, DR imaging solution.  Featuring a variety of imaging platforms, the Intuition provides a cost-effective solution to a wide variety of clinical needs.

Featuring Arcoma’s Smart Space concept the Intuition can be installed in both the tallest and shortest of rooms.  Our unique ceiling wagon provides unsurpassed usable stroke for high ceiling heights while the Arcoma CUBE allows the system to be installed in rooms with ceilings as low as 2,5m without requiring ceiling support infrastructure.

  • Motorized vertical column, Up to 1700 mm (67”) vertical travel
  • Synchronized, motorized tracking with Wall stand and Table
  • OPTIONS: Handle frame with brake release button

X-Ray Tube & Collimator

  • Multi-blade shutter, manual collimation
  • Laser line field alignment
  • OPTION: Automatic collimator, DAP meter


X-Ray Generator

  • High frequency generator
  • Manual Vertical Column
  • OPTION: Wall Stand Tilt
  • Patient load: 295 kg (650 lbs)
  • Motorised vertical travel: 540-850 mm (21” – 33”)
  • OPTION: Manoeuvre handle (Up/Down, Table top release)


OPTION: 6-Way Table (two column)

  • Patient load: 300 kg (661 lbs)
  • Motorized vertical travel: 555-930 mm (22” – 36”)
  • Manouvre handle (Up/Down, Table top release)
  • Intuition System support’s several detector brands:
      – Toshiba
      – Konica Minolta
      – PerkinElmer
      – Canon
      – Thales
  • Foot control
  • Lateral cassette/detector holder
  • Compression belt
  • Patient handgrip
  • Foam pads
  • Tabletop mattress