Overhead Tube Crane

The innovative design creates one of the lightest, easiest to operate Overhead Tube Cranes (OTC) in the industry.  A motorized vertical drive allows servo tracking to both the wall stand and table.  Available in multiple floor to ceiling height options to create the optimal solution for your facility.



System Specification


  • Weight 126 kg (278 lbs) including standard tube and collimator.
  • Servo tracking: Wall stand
  • Servo tracking: Table
  • Control handle with digital display showing tube angulation and vertical FFD/SID distance (cm/inch)


Room interface

  • Ceiling height: Minimum 2.5 m (8´3”)
  • Ceiling rails: 3 x 4 m (9’11” x 13’2”)
  • Mains supply: 115/230 VAC (8/4.5A), 208 VAC (4.7A) 50/60 Hz
  • 1-Phase operating power



  • DAP-meter for registration of patient dose
  • Laser light for easier positioning
  • Different X-ray tubes
  • Different length of the ceiling rails